Club Eclairage (Londres)

Club Eclairage (Londres)


It is vital for all economic and financial players to be one-step ahead, to perceive what the trends will be in the months and years to come. In today’s turbulent and apparently unpredictable world, there is a continuing need for maximum value creation, and for a better understanding of issues  whether they be tangential to the economy (the evolution of commercial, economic and  financial  sector  parameters,  business  intelligence…) or  specific  (the  euro, investment funds, lobbying, PPP…).


Through the debates Eclairage Club offers our members pertinent and useful insights to help them better understand the full context in which they will be taking decisions – decisions on which the success or failure of their strategies may depend.
With this club we seek to help fill a gap, by offering members a new forum in which “London’s voice” on issues of importance to Europe – a voice which is perhaps not fully taken into account outside the UK – can make itself heard.
The aim is not simply to state the facts, but rather to offer proposals with which to develop new parameters, following a confident, clear logic. At the end of each session, a report will be issued highlighting key themes tackled over the course of the debate.
Through dialectical analysis of current issues, the Club will point usefully and creatively towards some of the major coming trends.
CEPS brings together, in a convivial and select setting, a small and diverse group of current and former decision-makers, actors and ‘thinkers’ from the economic world: key players from the industry and finance sectors, entrepreneurs and investors, public sector leaders and associated experts – most of whom will be concerned on a daily basis with observation and analysis of the issues we will be debating.
This process reflects a strong commitment of bringing together in a convivial setting a group of 25-35 individuals in a truly club environment for an open dinner-debate: a meeting entirely dedicated to reflection upon relevant issues, without being limited to ready-made opinion, free from preconceived ideas, on a specific and topical issue. 
These meetings are exclusively for members of the club. All new members are co-opted by existing ones. In this spirit, invitation being by personal  recommendation  only,  it  cannot  be  transferred  to  a  third  party  except  by  prior agreement of the organizers. Each debate takes place over a dinner, for which no financial contribution is asked from those present (our sponsors carry the costs).
We follow the Chatham House rules.  In other words, all attendees are free to use the information received but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker may be revealed, nor the location in which the ideas were expressed. Depending on the standard of the work undertaken and the desires of members, a collective publication may result from the event.
At each of our evenings, one or two guest speakers launch the debate by delivering a short address on the theme of the session.  In order to ensure coherence in the debates, these speakers are encouraged to respond to one or more questions from the others present, to allow for a more focused analysis of the theme than would be permitted by free-ranging debate.


Victor Peraldi



Tim EWING, Consultant





Pierre-Yves CROS, Directeur du développement du groupe – CAPGEMNI

Denis MACSHANE, Ancien Ministre britannique des affaires européennes

Jonathan POWELL, Chief Executive – INTER MEDIATE


Rapporteur : Gilles TRICHARD, Journaliste


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